Learning to listen to the speech of your soul provides a path of self discovery and harmony in your life. Self-discovery is key to a shift in mindset.

- Ellen Bachmeyer, LCSW



I am available to speak to groups and organizations.
Speaking topics include:


•  “Women Thriving After Loss and Divorce”

•  “Recovering from Betrayal in Marriage”
•  “What Do I Do Now that the Kids are Gone?”
•  “Optimizing Your Life Now!”
•  “Conscious Retirement!”





Half-day and full-day workshops are also offered.   Topics focus on issues important to women today.  They include:


Women Making a Difference

We live in a world where women’s voices and value are being challenged but are also more important than ever. Now is the time for your feminine wisdom to rise up and create a new balance in our society. Explore how you can transform your own strength and intelligence into heart–felt, powerful wisdom and love.


Creating A New Life Vision

Each new decade requires that we navigate many transitions to move to a place of contentment and happiness. In those transitions we emerge finding a new balance. We learn let go of beliefs that hold us back and prevent us from stepping into new possibilities in life. Discover pathways to create more joy and satisfaction in your life.


The Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine

Today’s woman often feels split into many parts. She may find herself moving through the seasons of her life feeling an emptiness in her belly and sensing something vital is missing. She knows there is much more for her than prescribed roles, and she begins searching for ways to manifest her creative power. She seeks to awaken the wisdom she feels within her and find the increased well being that she knows life can offer her. Open the river of your life and connect to a passionate pursuit of your life. Learn to trust the wisdom voice that speaks to guide you in creating a life that is powerful, passionate and sacred.