Living A Passionate Life

Passion happens when you’re in the experience of doing and feeling something you love, like eating your favorite chocolate, or hanging out with your best friend. It comes when you are engrossed in a hobby, or when you are doing the work you love.

Passion does not come from outside you. It comes when you let your heart feel. It’s literally “heart-felt.” You feel it when you are in the moment and sensing. Your 5 senses keep you focused and in the moment. You can’t be dwelling on the past or fretting about the future when you are sensing in the here and now.

Here how it works…Imagine admiring a piece of dark chocolate, smelling and tasting its richness as it melts in your mouth. Hmm! In friendship, can you feel the belly laugh as you share a funny story? Moments of passion create meaningful experiences. When you take the risk to let yourself “be in an experience,” it feels pretty amazing.

Your path to passion is through self-awareness. Your heart feels many different feelings throughout the day. To live a whole-hearted and passionate life requires that you learn how to be awake and aware sensing life around you. When you give yourself permission and have the discipline to focus in the moment, new horizons open, and the joy of life can flow within you.

Interested in learning about living a passionate life? That’s what we’ll be exploring in my upcoming workshop, Creating a New Life Vision After 50!

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