4 Ways to Conquer Your Fears in 2019!


2019 is here! It is a brand new year and time to move forward in a whole new way. As I reflect on the past year, both in my personal life and work, the most important thought that strikes me is the pervasive sense of fear in people.

Fear separates and divides, polarizes and isolates. It can also propel us to create new experiences and connections and to take positive actions. The biggest surprise I noticed is that fear increases from when there is a lack of meaning in life.

When I asked many women what had meaning for them, I often got very little response. Most hadn’t even thought about it. What I discovered were feelings of shame, a sense of lack of significance or the favorite phrase ‘staying busy.’

Leading a meaningful life has many facets like a Swarovski crystal. It is not one experience. Meaning embraces many different facets in your life; here are a few that I think are particularly important:

Look Within Yourself

Reflect on a daily, weekly and monthly basis about things you were able to give and receive. Was there something you experienced that moved, tickled or touched you? Did you smile at someone and notice their response? These moments add up, melting away the fear of loneliness.

On a broader scale, looking within means you are willing to engage in making a difference in your family, work and community. The world needs our feminine wisdom, so we should find ways to engage.

Define and Speak Out Loud Your Personal Intentions Every Day

Intention focuses your awareness and opens the door for positive action, so you don’t live in fear. It means you are taking a position in areas that have significance for you and others. It is a great way to move past inaction, depression and anxiety.

Take Risks to Connect

Fear produces fight, flight or freeze responses in the nervous system when a threat is perceived. Fear is meant to protect us from danger. However, our nervous system doesn’t recognize the difference between a high level threat and a low level one.

Social interaction dissolves fear and generates positive meaning. We are wired in our DNA to connect with others. We need others to feel loved, supported and cared about. That’s where we find real meaning.

Be Grateful

Gratitude goes a long way in dissolving fear. Keeping a daily gratitude journal often will empower you and soften fear, making your day(s) more meaningful and happy.

Making a commitment to yourself and how you choose to engage in life will make all the difference in letting go of fear.

You are the person who has the ability to empower yourself.

Remind yourself that life is a journey of exploration. Be strong in your love, know your intelligence, carry the strength to speak and embody your wisdom throughout the year!

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