3 Soul Searching Questions for a Happy and Thriving Life

When you are in your second half of life, timing is everything. There is no time to waste to find a new pathway for thriving. It’s time to reassess your life.

Are you happy in your marriage, thinking about divorce? Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Are you thinking about changing a job or retiring? Are you downsizing?

Do you wake up every morning looking forward to your day, or do dread getting out of bed?

With every life transition, you are challenged to go inward and meet the soul of who you are. It’s not called “soul searching” for nothing! For many women this is tough, because we take care of everyone and everything else, and we’re last on the list!

We live in a world that judges who we are by our looks, and we spend way too much time wondering what other people think of us. We base our decisions on what others think we should be. We lack the confidence and the courage to speak up for ourselves.

Have you ever thought of what your life would be like if you started to believe in yourself? Wow, that’s a really cool thought!

Here’s a few questions to reflect on…

• Do I value myself?

• What do I want out of life?

• Am I living the lifestyle I want to live?

Now is the time to wake up to take a soul journey to meet yourself in a whole new way. I assume it is safe to say that you want to lead a powerful life, capable of meeting the many challenges that face you as you enter each new decade.

Interested in learning more about building a thriving life? That’s what we’ll be doing in my upcoming workshop, Creating a New Life Vision for women After 50? It’s about you!

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