26 Surprising Habits of Empowered Thriving Women

Empowered women take time to reflect on who we are and what we want out of life. It can be a time of our lives that blossom. Here are some observations from the many conversations I have had with thriving women.

The thoughts below are just thoughts. Happiness is experienced in the moment. For a thought to become a habit, it requires awareness, intention and dedicated action. If you choose to embrace any of these thoughts and make them habits, it will definitely create space for a happy and thriving life.

1. You feel comfortable in your own skin. You have “come into your own sense of being.”

2. You never stop learning.

3. You feed your intellect and soul with a new beautiful awareness of yourself and the world every day.

4. You see the larger picture. You think big.

5. You are always trying new things. You don’t believe in the saying that “curiosity killed the cat!”

6. You appreciate “alone time.” You understand the difference between lonely and alone.

7. You live for the journey, not the destination.

8. You spend time in nature because you know nature is a reflection of your own beauty and gives you a larger context in which you live and love.

9. You know the value of friendships and are always growing and seeking new friends.

10. You are not afraid of feelings. You feel deeply and definitely don’t see feelings as a sign of weakness.

11. You do not sit in judgment of others or of yourself.

12. You understand the sacred in each person.

13. You do not spend your time on relationships that do not nurture and nourish you.

14. You have healthy personal boundaries, not walls.

15. You respect your children’s boundaries and admire their successes.

16. You do not judge, blame others because in doing so you give away your power.

17. You seek love.

18. You take care of your physical health, your body and leave the shame of not having the “perfect” figure, whatever that is. If possible, you are physically active.

19. You are invested in the greater good. You seek to make some kind of contribution in the world, to give back.

20. You know your wisdom and speak it.

21. You have some aspect of your life that is creative–writing, music, a hobby or craft.

22. You don’t stress. You don’t sweat the small stuff. You always trust you will find a way through or around an issue that is troubling.

23. You understand that it is okay to ask for help.

24. You see the glass full and not empty.

25. You laugh, sing, dance, read and celebrate every moment of your life.

26. You have a vision and intention of your day, week, year and decade. You set an intention each day for thriving.

What are your habits that bring happiness?

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