12 Promises You Can Make To Empower & Express Your True Self After 60

Do you ever wonder if you’re worth it? Do you believe you are valuable to the people you love? How about yourself? Do you let others define your value? Do you hide your true self? Do you know your true self?

One of the biggest realizations I have made through working with my clients is that women define our self-worth and our value by letting others define us based on how much and how well we give.

This is not true for all women but for many. We end up feeling lost and empty. We forget who we are as independent powerful women.

Throughout life, we have been groomed to “fix” and “give, give, give” to our children, spouses, parents, friends – everyone, except to ourselves.

After a while, we tend to lose any sense of what we want or need, and how to ask for it. And if we do ask, we feel an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Time to Reclaim Ourselves

As we age and our children leave home, it becomes even more apparent that this is the time to reclaim a sense of who we truly are. This is an amazing stage of our life which allows us to step up and embrace our potential as individuals.

It means giving ourselves permission to speak up about what is important to us and most of all honoring our needs.

In our second half of life, the wisdom that emerges as we journey into discovering a sense of who we are is palpable and powerful. We can know and meet our needs. We can source from the wisdom that lives deeply within and do anything we put our intention to.

Our relationships become authentic. Our lives move in new and exciting directions. We can let go of the old story that is laden with fear and guilt, and step into the world in a new and heartfelt way.

Time to Be Visible

In these moments of our life, we have time to reflect and create a momentum to grow and stand in our power – in other words, to be visible.

We can affirm our own value. We are able to make choices about our thoughts and actions that are meaningful to us and create a ripple effect for the rest of the world.

To get you started, here are some promises you can make to yourself in order to multiply your intent and honor your self-worth.

12 Promises for Empowerment

I know and accept it is my nature to grow well.

I will not grow old and become bitter, disillusioned or fearful.

I will seek abundance, prosperity, health and truth.

I will stand strong in my beliefs and convictions to seek beauty, truth and authenticity in life.

I will empower myself to live fully and work to make a genuine difference in my life and with others.

I will be the wisdom that lives within me.

I will be silent no more.

I will be my power!

I will accept all that I am!

I will remind myself that beauty is not just skin deep. It is soul deep.

I honor the good, true and beautiful in me.

I am worth it!

Isn’t it time to celebrate the amazing wise woman you were born to be?

In what ways do you stand in your wisdom and empower yourself? What are your intentions for today? Please share your empowerment strategy below.

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