When the dream doesn’t materialize in the way you anticipated, create another one!

- Ellen Bachmeyer, LCSW


Why Empowering Thriving Women Life Coaching?

Harvard research studies on women and depression study “women are twice as likely as men to develop major depression” in their lifetime.”


Life’s challenges can change the flow and direction of your life.  Divorce, loss, marriage, job, retirement are some of those challenges.  They impact what you feel.


A life without meaning, fulfillment and happiness is a life without focus or direction. Living without direction creates a sense of unrest and possibly depression and anxiety. 


A thriving life requires you feel empowered to “be who you are and do what you love now.” It demands you to be engaged and connected to a vision and a direction in following your path, not someone else’s. It means stepping into your wisdom.


Feeling stuck? Imagine yourself with Empowering Thriving Women Coaching!


How does Empowering Thriving Women Life Coaching work?


Empowering Thriving Women is a collaborative experience tailored to your needs. Our journey begins with creating clarity about your challenges. From there, we develop the goals and strategic interventions necessary to build a thriving life.


You’ll learn ways to effectively take action. I’ll be there to walk with you through this journey so that you can create the momentum to meet your challenges powerfully – in a way that empowers you to live your best life possible.


Coaching sessions are done by phone or Skype. Coaching typically takes 3-6 months to achieve your goals. Coaching calls are not reimbursable through insurance.


The Empowering Thriving Women Life Coaching Program

• One complementary 30-minute introductory session

• Two 1-hour coaching telephone calls a month

• Email support in between each session to check-in, answer questions,

    track your progress, and more

Monthly Cost: $349


Are you ready to get started?

• To schedule a free introductory session, complete the Smart Start Questionnaire.

• Once I receive the questionnaire, I will contact you to schedule your free

    introductory session.