I will not grow old and become bitter, disillusioned, and fearful. I will stand tall in my beliefs and convictions to seek beauty, truth, and authenticity in life–to empower others to live fully grounded and to make a genuine difference in their lives.

- Ellen Bachmeyer, LCSW



My name is Ellen Bachmeyer. I am a licensed psychotherapist and a life coach. As founder of Empowering Thriving Women, my passion lies in helping women live their dreams fully and powerfully.


A graduate of the University of Denver, (B.A.) and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, (M.S.W.), my work has always focused on women’s personal growth and living their dreams fully and powerfully. As a coach, psychotherapist, mentor, workshop and retreat leader, my role has been to help women explore their deepest inner questions: 


     Who do I want to be?
     What dreams do I want to fulfill?
     What place do I want for myself in the world?

I know the challenges we experience as we emerge through divorce, loss, caregiving, parenting, career changes, marriage or retirement. As women, I believe that within every challenge lies wisdom. Those times when we see only darkness, we must remind ourselves, therein lies a new beginning. 


My passion for coaching began years ago when I noticed that many of my psychotherapy clients were more in need of coaching than therapy. Since then, I have specialized helping hundreds of women to navigate the challenge of living vibrantly in today’s world.

At a time when women’s voices are so needed, I am known for helping women discover their inner strength and fully expressing their brilliance into the world.

Over the years I have experienced many challenges faced as a woman. I know that beyond these challenges there is an opportunity to live an empowered, meaningful and passionate life.